The Economy of Poland Will Boom More Rapidly Under the Influence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution



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06 Mar, 2019, 13:00 GMT


RIGA, Latvia, March 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Poland is called "an economic miracle" – the gross domestic product (GDP) has stable annual increase, the export indicators improve and the unemployment level in Poland has remained at one of the lowest levels in Europe. The fourth industrial revolution, related to the boom of technologies and digitalization, will widely affect the manufacturing industries developed in Poland, particularly emphasizing the field of transportation, says Rolands Petersons (Pētersons) (Latvia), Member of the Board of Norman Logistics Sp.zo.o.


The national economic stability over the years has attracted the attention of investors and also of the new businessmen. It has been calculated that the total value of direct foreign investments in Poland is 712 billion zloty, which constitutes 45% of GDP of Poland. Among them, 230 billion zlotyhave been invested into manufacturing. The leading investor in Poland is the global fourth greatest economy – Germany – the investments of entrepreneurs from this country reach almost 140 billion zloty1.


In Poland particularly developed is the manufacturing of household technology and electronics, manufacturing of transport, as well as the aviation industry. The economists forecast that, under the influence of digitalization era, during the coming 10 years these sectors will develop more and more efficient, thus continuing the development of national economy. The field of manufacturing is among the sectors that attracts the attention of foreign investors; during the previous years the investors have willingly invested funds also into IT and telecommunications, as well as into the immovable property.



Author: Rolands Petersons, Member of the Board of Norman Logistics Sp.zo.o.

1 Deloitte (2017), Investing in Poland: Untapped Potential .The Experience of German Investors

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