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In the modern competitive world, running your private business by trial and error doesn’t yield the desired results. To make it to the top, you need the assistance and guidance that we can gladly provide you with. We’re here to help your business beat the competition and develop your international operations for impressive global success. The services that we provide encompass competitive advantage based on international expertise in supply chain, materials sourcing, property investments, data analysis, marketing, recruitment, research, etc. Get in touch with us and set your global business going the right way.


‘Eager to make you successful on international arena, we strive for your prosperity as it means customer satisfaction for us.’

Marek Dyk,

Managing Director


We’re here to provide the services of business analysts, consultants and agents for small and medium size businesses. Being the experts in international commerce, we can help you with anything from low cost countries materials sourcing, overseas investments in properties or local businesses, to personnel and human resources support, recruitment and improving effective daily business communication with your partners worldwide.

We assist clients globally and have experience working in Continental Europe, UK, USA, Africa and Asia. So, no matter what’s the location of your business, our company can help you build competitive advantage, global presense and solid supply chains that drive your business to prosperity.

What we do

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Launching Global Presence

Do you want to grow your business internationally and establish a new office overseas? Poland is one of the best countries for foreign investment. We’ll be your local partner and help you rset up your business and run your operations.

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Materials Sourcing

We can help you with sourcing products from low-cost regions and effectively cut your costs and generate tangible savings.

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Procurement and Logistics

We’ll successully handle your procurement, competitive tendering, international cargos, moving them through customs, organizing the storage - saving your time and cutting your costs.

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International Business Consulting

With over 20 years’ extensive international experience in diverse markets, we’re ready to provide you with business guidance, mentoring and coaching that beats your expectations.

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Property Investments

Invest in property worldwide, with high ROI, rental guarantee options, fully managed, full legal ownership, excellent capital growth and low entry investment.

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Global Investment Opportunities 

We'll offer you the best investment opportunities to increase your ROI and support your global business with best in class resources.

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