A few words about

Our company provides you with the support and advice you need to make your business prosperous and successful on the global scale. Over years, our personnel accumulated trust, popularity and reputation creating highly professional agency that knows the international business and trade inside-out. We’ve successfully driven businesses to success across Continental Europe, UK and Africa. 

No matter what region you’re from, you can get started with your international expension today. We’re passionate about driving businesses to success and hope you join us on your way to global new heights!


Effective supply chain

Outsource procurement, logistics and commercial services to us, and you’ll see how much effective it becomes. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Let us take care of these tasks for you and, lay back and see your income grow.

Gaining expertise takes years of trials and errors. We’ve passed through this stage decades ago. Let us save you from this often disappointing experience with our insightful business consulting, coaching and mentoring.

We’re not running a production line. Every business has its specific demands and peculiarities. Our consultants will study the needs and opportunities of your business in detail to come up with a tailored solution that works best for you.

Our services


Global Admin Support

If you want to extend your business and kick off an office overseas, we’re ready to make this process smooth for you.


Materials Sourcing

Being experts on supply chain, we’ll take care of establishing product sourcing for your e-commerce business.


Procurement and Logistics

Let us take care of the purchasing, tendering and logistics part for you as we know how to competitively procure materials and move cargos through customs, organize storage and make sure they reach you safely.


Business Mentoring

We’re ready to share our expertise and insights into the world of international trade with those who want to learn from us.


Property Investments

We’ve been into real estate and property investment for many years. Let us help you out with investing your money the right way.


Projects Coordination

With international projects, we know it's absolutely fundamental to secure for you cost effective handling with planning, administration, contracts and vendors  management, tracking progresss and reporting results.