What We Do

Supply Chain Management

HelpBusiness Net’s worldwide supply chain solutions provide a single point of contact for globally expanding companies, allowing our clients to save time, money, and assure quality wherever they procure, produce or sell their products around the world.

Materials Sourcing

Sourcing products for your business can be challenging without the right industry connections. HelpBusiness Net has resources all over the world and we can source the low cost, high quality products your e-commerce business needs to remain competitive in your market.

Procurement and Logistics Management

From purchasing and tendering international cargos, to moving them through customs, organizing the storage and warehousing and more, let HelpBusiness Net handle all of your Procurement and Logistics needs effectively and affordably.

International Trade Support and Coordination

At HelpBusiness Net, our team can verify and record your business’ global trades in a timely manner. We can organize logistics information for both your traders and operations teams enabling them to make better trades and more informed decisions. We can facilitate all post-trade contract activities from planning to contract management and administration.

Real Estate Investments and Property Management

At HelpBusiness Net, your business analyst is ready to help you with a wide range of commercial and residential real estate and property investment opportunities and we can even locate exceptional opportunities globally in both established and emerging markets.

Business Coaching and Mentoring

The business coaching professionals at HelpBusiness Net have over 24 years of extensive international experience in many of the world’s most diverse and emerging markets. Our experience and international expertise enable us to provide our clients with business coaching and mentoring that is guaranteed to exceed all of your expectations.

Recruitment and Personnel Provision

HelpBusiness Net provides a wide range of expert Recruitment and Personnel Provision services, securing resources needed to ensure your global projects are always in good hands. With over 20 years of experience in global industries from IT, manufacturing and engineering, to marketing, retail sales and more, we can provide accurate, dependable recruitment support for your specific business needs. From identifying the skills needed to candidate sourcing, evaluation and selection, HelpBusiness Net can find the staffing and support your company needs.