Poland, place to invest!

Poland is one of the best places to make investments!

Poland is Europe ’s sixth-biggest economy. It was the only country in the European Union to experience positive economic growth in 2010. Poland is ranked among top potential investment destinations for FDI projects in Europe.

According to Bloomberg Rankings 2013 Poland is the best CEE country for business.

The country offers a wide range of investment incentives. Investors are invited to locate their projects in 14 Special Economic Zones (SEZ). i.e. special zones where economic activity may be run in favourable conditions. Polish SEZs offer attractive tax exemptions, employment incentives and well-prepared investment lots.

To invest in the region, it’s much easier with Polish Government support: “Poland values business opportunities offered by Texas,” the chief of Polish diplomacy said at a meeting with a delegation of the Polish-American Chamber of Commerce, opening a ministerial four-day tour of Houston in December of 2017.

Texas accounts for the highest trade volume (USD 857m) with Poland among all American states. Recent years have also seen a more than twofold increase in Polish exports to Texas, with electronics representing the biggest share.

Good to see business is going both ways!

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